Southern Smoked BBQ
Spanish Paella 
Cajun Country Boils
Fire Grilled Pizza

Southern Smoked BBQ

How well do you know your Q?  Or, do you just know that you love it?

For our friendly

Southern neighbors and BBQ aficionados, we speak your language.  Dry rubbed, injected, mopped, smoked low and slow with hickory, apple, and pecan woods in a seasoned steel smoke pit, achieving a juicy, moist product with a perfect smoke ring and bark every-time.

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Offering cuts ranging from pork shoulder or 'pulled pork,' Baby Back and Spare Ribs, Beef Brisket, and smoked hot links, to smoked turkey breast or legs, and even Wild Game specialties from Game Sausages to Elk ribs. 

However BBQ isn't just about the meat, additionally it is the side accompaniments that classically and historically define BBQ as a whole.  Customize your menu with some of our chef inspired takes on traditional sides featuring our 

Sun Dried Tomato and house Smoked Gouda Pasta Salad made with Cavapatti noodles and loaded with fresh herbs and aromatics.  BBQ Baked Beans, Fire Grilled Corn-up-on-that-Cob, and don't forget the Cole Slaw, freshly chopped (not pre-shredded) marinated the right way then served fresh and crisp with palate refreshing flavors from fresh Tarragon, Parsley, and Chives.  If you're not a Cole Slaw person, that will all change here.

Culturally recognized for its predisposition of bringing people together to socially congregate around food, Paella has left its footprint in America and has acquired its own regional influences all over the map

We prepare it traditionally as a saffron rice dish cooked layer by layer in a large shallow pan with meat, (typically chicken and chorizo,) fresh vegetables and aromatics, and of coarse a wide variety of seafood from mussels, shrimp, whitefish, calamari, scallops, and occasionally lobster.. Why not? 

Spanish   Paella 

Being such a versatile dish it is also delightful when prepared vegetarian so the options for seasonal vegetables can extend as far as the imagination.  Enjoy our variety of popular options including Mixed Paella consisting of both seafood and meat, or Seafood Paella which comes with more varieties of seafood and no meat, Valencian Paella constructed of vegetables, white beans, red pepper, and fresh aromatics with no meat or seafood

and our house specialty which is not far off from what is historically rumored to be the first ever version of Paella featuring seasonal vegetables, white beans, duck and rabbit, and for our own signature touch, elk chorizo sausage.Without a doubt, paella resides in the alliance of ultimate party foods and is appropriate for large or small gatherings anywhere from private dinner parties to big special occasions, or even livening things up at the office.  

Cajun  Country  Boils  

If you love great food and social gatherings then celebrate your next event Bayau style with our variety of Cajun Seafood Boils.  Creating long lasting memories and communicating unity and love through food, Cajun Boils are the perfect addition for any gathering of friends and family, or colleagues for work related functions.  

Served in true Cajun fashion atop a large table that you and your guests surround to intermingle and feast on generous amounts of fresh crab, crawfish, shrimp, sweet corn on the cob, tender potatoes, and andoulli Sausage, all boiled on-sight in single vessels with fresh lemons and our Cajun blend of herbs and spices absorbing each others flavors and complimenting one another as they're consumed one by one.  Boils however can be very versatile, the option for Crab Boils, Shrimp Boils, and even Lobster Boils are all options that you may customize, we also offer Low Country Boils featuring Jumbo Shrimp for our Georiga friends!  As such a highly celebrated dining experiences in the South, we enjoy sharing our passion for this festive offering to our Mile High patrons as the closest thing to traveling to the Bayou that you can get!  When speaking with one of our event coordinators, ask about our seasonal Cajun options for hor d' oeuvres/appetizers, or side accompanyments.   

  Fire  Grilled  Pizzas   ​

Taking the concept of pizza to a whole new level and re-defining the 'Pizza Party', we have taken our love for this multi dimensional "pie" and perfected our own version that doesn't cook in an oven, rather over open flame on the grill using fresh dough that's hand rolled into personalized size or full size portions, choose between our variety of crust's from white, wheat, multigrain, to even delicious gluten-free crust.

Then with the wide variety of toppings from the most imaginative meats you can think of with over 20 wild game options, exotic peppers, wild mushrooms, or even shaved truffle, the options for customization are endless.

Instead of having pizza delivered, have it grilled fresh right in front of you and experience a whole new exotic way to enjoy this familiar classic. 

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